Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Money... ugh!

Yesterday was a special day here in The Netherlands.
The Queen opened the governmental year with a ride in the golden cage through the city of The Hague and with reading the plans of the government for the next year.

There was not much to read, as we still have no new government and the former one can only decide on a minimal amount of subjects.

One thing however caught my attention and it certainly didn't make me happy.
We need to pay 100 euro more for health insurance, and kids above 18 are no longer insured automatically for the dentist.

Put that together with the unpleasant surprise that yesterday we needed to pay almost 75 euro for the medication of our autistic son and part of the headache of this morning is explained.

It was also said that the income of us won't rise next year, so we will be confronted with financial problems unless something good happens.

It makes our plans to move more intense.

Right now we want to live closer to nature and we want to try to grow our own fruit and vegetables.
I've tried here and was very successfull in the past.
The last years however growing crops has been almost impossible, due to the weather and the ground conditions,
When we're still here next year I might use containers to grow crops. Maybe that's better than in the garden earth. After they've raised the ground water level gardening is less fun and crops don't like it anymore.


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