Monday, September 13, 2010

Looking for a cricket blog?

During all my years on internet, especially during the years of blogging and surfing blogs every day I've seen a lot of sportsblogs come and go.
Interesting is that the most advanced techniques were used on blogs that are no longer online. Those who stayed are updated frequently, have a clear layout, and are not filled with advertisements.

One of them is a cricket blog called CricketAvatar.
Since it was aired on january 1 2010 it was updated almost daily. Mainly with game reviews, opinions and other posts like we bloggers write.

Even though the blog is written in Mangalore, India, posts are about cricket all over the world and visitors come from all over the world too.
Probably not only for the posts, but also for the Live Scores from Cricinfo which are situated at a prominent place at the site.

It's a pity that such a nice blog doesn't provide a direct link to the rules of the game.
It's not a sport that is played here, but I would like to understand the ins and outs, so I would be able to enjoy cricket too.

But when you understand cricket I'm sure you'll spend quite some time at this nice blog reading lots of interesting information.


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