Friday, September 24, 2010

the last beautiful day of the summer in autumn?

It was announced as the last beautiful day of the summer in autumn.
I guess it gave a very familiar feeling, resembling the summervacation, because we nearly overslept.
My alarm didn't sound and everyone kept sleeping confortable curled up in bed, until one of the other alarms pierced through the house.
None of us had heard the noisy neighbour slam the door on his way to his work, none of us heard his wife do the same.

This happens twice every schoolyear, either at a morning like this, when the weather is perfect, or at one of those gloomy grey rainy mornings when everyone wants to stay in bed and the unconscious dictates the conscious to stay asleep.

Routine paid off though.
All the kids were ready just in time, had a good breakfast and arrived at school in time.

In ther afternoon I took my autistic son to the podotherapist. He has ingrown toenails which need professional care. (See here the limits of my parenthood. :))
I could manage until he hurt his feet against something tearing up the nail. It grew back downwards. Ugh.

Next week he needs part of the nail taken off.
He took it all very quietly. Strange eyes do wonders.

I managed to get some rays of sun, get part of the laundry dry outside and ate some brambles from the bushes in the garden.

In the evening we were surprised by very bad weather. But that's a story for another time.


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