Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kiri Te Kanawa

I thought she didn't perform anymore: Kiri Te Kanawa.
Dame Kiri Te Kanawa I should say.
She's a wonderful worldfamous soprano.

A few years ago I'd planned to go to one of her last concerts, but one way or another it never happened.

And because of all that happened the past months we forgot our plans to attend the last night of the proms, otherwise I would have seen she'd be performing in Hyde Park tonight. I would certainly have gone.

One of my dreams has been to be at one of her concerts.
I used to sing with a clear soprano voice and people told me often I sounded just like her. Which was a huge compliment.
I haven't practiced for quite a while.

I bet she has.
She sounded beautiful, and I'm glad I've seen those 5 minutes on TV.
Pity I didn't see more.


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