Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jaw surgery

Today I went for small jaw surgery. I had to have an implant to enable me to chew properly.
I'm lucky that my own dentist is able to do this kind of surgery too

Yesterday evening I had to desinfect my mouth with special stuff.
I was careful for some reason and diluted it with a lot of water.
Great decision, as I had an allergic reaction to the stuff..
No problem, I can deal with that.
But I felt glad I'd been so carefull.

Before going this morning I had to take a boost of antibiotics.
Never had so much in one time.
Added to it a proper painkiller.

At the practice in the surgery room I had local anesthesia and a scan of my jaws was made.

He then came in and told me that he couldn't go forward with the procedure as planned, because the bone was not dense enough yet. A while ago he tried to extract a molar which was grown together with the bone and
the bone clearly needed more time to heal.

But... he could do the implant at the other side.
We discussed this two years ago and then he told me it was impossible, but new techniques have been developed and now he could do it.

He went forward with the procedure and I left with no feeling in my jaw whatsoever, as two sides had loads of anesthesia in it.

At home I fell asleep on the couch and woke up just in time for the next dosage of antibiotics.

It turned out later that the dentist had tried to phone me to ask how I was doing.
Isn't that nice?
But my phone doesn't work anymore and right at this moment we need the money for other things, so I had to let him know by other means that I was doing fine.

I look like I've been in a fight, with a thick jaw like on those old picures of someone with toothache.
But that'll pass.


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