Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jane Dee and her so called life

Have you been at the blog called: "My so called life?" written by JaneDee?

I was a while ago. To be precisely at april 17 of this year, when I found a typing test at her blog. It's still there and I'm sure you'll enjoy trying to establish your typing skills. We bloggers sometimes have a great speed of typing. Some with two fingers, others with more. As long as we're able to write a post we're OK.

Jane Dee is a nurse by profession, and that's clear from many posts on her blog.
You can see the efficiency all over it: short powerful posts. Like the one about intravenous therapy training.

It's a pity the blog isn't updated more often. I love to see more posts like the one written yesterday.
You should see the video in it. It's awesome!
We don't have that sort of throwing and tossing people around. Do you?
I wonder if Jane Dee sometimes wonder if this hobby is healthy for young children.

For those who celebrate their birthday at june 12: share it with Jane Dee too, because june 12 is her birthday.

We have to keep that in mind.


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