Sunday, September 12, 2010


One of my sons started working today at one of the shops I went to when I was at university.
It just for a limited time as the woman he replaces is pregnant, but he doesn't mind.
Working there is such a pleasure.

Today was extra special because one of his customers was an old friend. He was able to sell a rather expensive item to him.
And as an extra he had to unpack items from his favorite wholesale shop. He thought he had to put away a few items, but it turned out that his new boss had bought the whole inventory. All cothing and accessories, all watches and consumer electronics.
He asked why and it turned out the shopowner died this week.
We knew he had cancer, but didn't know that he already died.

It's strange to hear that in such a way.
Turned out he had sold a lot before he became too ill, and then offered the rest as a full truckload to his friend, which is now my son's boss.

They gave the items a special place and soon people came in asking for them.

Life goes on.


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