Thursday, September 9, 2010

Inventions: knives and cutters

Just a few days ago the schoolbooks arrived and when opening the box one of the girls got a cut because the rubbed her fingers against the harsh material.
You know those nasty papercuts. They hurt a lot and are almost the same as the cuts of sharp knives.

So I was not surprised to find some very handy knives and cutters, probably invented by someone who had the same experience with papercuts as many of us.

I hate opening boxes, but I do like the surprise which in it. :)

Martor USA however has plenty of tools to slice and cut and opening boxes won't be a problems anymore with the box cutter.
Some say it's only for businesses, but that's not true.
Everyone should have special equipment for heavy duties and DIY.
It saves time and accidents.

In fact, I have some safety equipment here, because some autistic boys like to DIY but forget they have to care not to cause injuries.

The box cutter is a fine invention for all of us.
No need to try to get the scissors through strong plastic closures of boxes, because the special cutter cuts the box of with one simple stroke along the sides.
You can see a movie on their site to show how it works.

Years ago I bought the Regelsafe, but I didn't know how to change the blade.
Just one look at the video showed me how, leaving my husband standing there and watching in utter amazement, because he thought I would run to him for help.

So have a look at the site yourself and see what can be used either at the job or at home.
I bet you'll find something!


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