Friday, September 10, 2010

He missed my mail!

Yesterday I got a call from the school of the girls.
During the talk we had this week I mentioned the fact that we still didn't have an official reaction to our complaint.
We did have a concept, we gave our comments and that was it.

In court we had to present the judge the concept, because that was all we had.
Not the way it was supposed to be.

He's the spokesperson of school and I'd send it to the secretary, so he asked a copy.
Am I lucky I still had one!!

So now we're waiting for the official version of the reaction to our complaint and when the judge still hasn't decided on our case (it's 9 days past the time she would make her decision known) we'll send it straight to her.

It's a pity that we have to deal with people who are too busy to finish letters.
Our comments arrived at school at july 1.
I can understand they missed it though as it was the last week of school.


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