Friday, September 10, 2010

Good news when you want a sales job

One of my online friends mailed me a few moments ago. She's so happy that it was catching.

Her husband lost his job due to the recession and they nearly lost their home.
Because her family stepped in and gave them money, and because they found someone who wanted to rent a room, they could stay.

Today her husband found a sales job with a good (more than good) salary and at his own level of education.
He had two meetings there and got the call soon after the second meeting, so the decision had been clearly for him, as they told at the last meeting that they still had to see people for a complete day ahead.
All of them were calcelled he was told at the phone.

I'm so very happy for them!

In case you want a sales job too, go to

You can post your resume, search jobs, in general or at your own town, and you can benefit from their job seeker tools and other resources to find a job.
It's online, so it's very easy and straightforward.

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