Friday, September 17, 2010

Fitness and my friend

One of my friends loves to fitness.
She visits a fitnesscentre in one of the villages nearby, because they have the equipment she likes best.

I've never been a fan of fitness.
As a former balletdancer I like to feel free to move and I'm not a person to work for more muscle strength. More one to work for souplesse and swift movements.

My friend however feels completely happy when running on a band and at the
pull up bar.
Whenever I see her after working out she looks much younger and energetic, and I can also observe that she is more patient with her children.

As shen eeds quite some time to go to the fitnesscentre I've asked her why she didn't buy some small fitness equipment for at home. They've got the space, so that's not the problem.
She likes to work out in a group, she told me, because people motivate each other.
I can relate to that.


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