Sunday, September 12, 2010

First week of school was great!

The girls had a very good time at school past week.
Even though they've only spent a week in their new group with new class teachers they say they've had a better time in one week than in two years at the former group.

That sounds marvellous, doesn't it.

The only disappointment or what ever you want to call it is that one of the girls has the former class teacher now as regular teachers, so she's confronted with her bad memories day after day, and is confronted with someone who has spoken so bad about her.
He told lies about her and me with far reaching consequences. We're dealing with the consequences and he's feeling on top of the world. Ugh.

But the group is great and she's able to show him that she's not the girl he described.

The school has been renovated... that is, part of it.
It looks far more open than before and the area where they have to spend their breaks isn't as gloomy anymore, but looks quite modern.

All in all, we're happy with this change.

Now we're heading towards a lot of informative paren't evenings.
For us quite boring, as we heard the rules for the exams for three kids already.
But the way things are going we can't skip one of those evenings.
I feel lucky they're not information for all the parents only, but part of the time will be spend in a smaller group, getting to know the class teachers and maybe discussing important issues.

I'm looking forward to a couple of normal class teachers, who are friendly and act normal.
It will be such a relief!


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