Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The first contact: a letter

Today we had a good a good start.
When getting the groceries the father of the children was seen by one of my best friends and she offered to take the groceries home by car.
So they made a round thorugh the supewrmarket to get quite a lot of heavy things and she brought them home.

We had a quick talk about what has happened the past weeks, and she had to laugh about it all. It's so ridiculous what is happening to us. It was good to use a lot of humor.
She knows me as a mother and friend and the way she reacted made me feel confident and OK.

I needed that, because a few hours later we got letters delivered statting they would come to visit us.
They've appointed two new people, so that's nice, but I'm not sure if one of them was here at the first talk.

If she is we're not happy with her, as she sat there as a tree, and didn't even make proper eye contact.
I don't like people who come into my house and don't communicate.
And we want to start with those supervisors with a clear slate.

So we wrote a letter stating we would like to deal with the complaint first. And get that matter settled.
That we want to have a talk with the supervisors and their teamleader, so that leader will not be talking about us but with us. Especially after so many mistakes have been made.
And we've asked them to make an appointment.

Well, it's all I could do for now.

I hope they won't interpret this negative, because it isn't meant that way.

I want them to see the facts, not speculate and interpret things in a negative way.


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