Thursday, September 16, 2010

First and new computers

Just the other day the girls asked how I experienced the entering of computers in my life.

It was at university.
One level of the building was suddenly completely emptied and one of the rooms was made into a climate chamber.
It was a huge room and it took days to convert it to a climate controled environment.

In the meantime all sorts of rumours could be heard.
One was persistent: a computer was about to arrive.

And then it came.
It was huge!
It took such a lot of space that the whole climate room was filled from top to bottom and the non climate controlled items covered half of the complete level of the building.

I didn't quite like the machine.
I was a good typist, but ofcourse I forgot to save.
No, I liked writing it down with my own fountainpen best.

Now we all have computers. Small ones, large ones, but none as large as the first one.
With the introduction of chips that enormous monster disappeared.

A few days ago I visited my former collegues of the university.
I told them about the question of my daughters and they showed me the newest rack mount computer which was nicely built in office furniture.
To work with the best of the best is not only a privilege, it's also a requierement nowadays to secure efficient research.

Me oh my! When we had such computerfacilities in my university years I would have become a researcher, without doubt.


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