Thursday, September 9, 2010

Finding the best bedroom furniture

While my children are getting used to their new classmates and teachers, other young people are taking their first steps towards independence and are moving from home to create a new home for themselves.

A few friends called if I would assist their children set up their own home.
So for one of the girls.. eh... young women I'm looking for contemporary furniture for her bedroom.

Her dad has plenty of enough, so we don't need to roam the second hand shops, but we can go for the best at ERoomService, where the best desgner furniture is available online.

She has already decided for a very wonderful socalled nest rotating library, a compact shelving unit that can be approached from 4 sides.
With this choice she's made a clear statement.

Now we're looking for contemporary bedroom furniture. It's possible to go for a complete set, or to mix and match styles, looks, kinds of material and such.
She has already found a very excentric nightstand, so the choice for a bed will reflect her taste too.
She loves the different designer styles which are found on the site.
I like the fact that ERoomService has a fast way of giving you options through a choice menu, like storage, size, kind of finish, accent finish etc.
In the same menu wooden slats are given as an option, so there's no need to shop for them elsewhere and they sure will fit.

It's nice to look around for someone who knows that buying something good will be cheaper in the end, because it will last so much longer.
I'm looking forward to her finished bedroom.


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