Saturday, September 18, 2010


In the middle of the night the electricity shut down.
As one of the kids had been in the kitchen I supposed the problem would be there, so after having a look with a handheld light and not finding any clear problem I put the switch to it's right position and we had electricity again.

I asked him which light he had used, and he told me it waqs the light above the furnace.
It's a small light an most of us prefer it above the clear, bright kitchen light.

While I checked on the lamp, which was down, I saw the filter needed replacement too.
It always nicely keeps up with the lifespan of the lamp, so I was perfectly OK with that.

After changing the bulb, I went to bed.

Filters in the house need to be checked at regular intervals.

Like spa filters for instance.
Always use the right equipment and follow instructions carefully. It will prolong the life of your filter.
Buy it at a trusted place, so you'll have the best.


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