Friday, September 17, 2010

dark under my eyes

This morning I woke up with those dark under eye circles.
No wonder, I didn't sleep very well.

Again we did have heavy rainshowers. I'm starting to get worried about the tremendous amount of rain we've had this summer. We're living on, waht the call, heavy clay, but I think that's only the toplayer, as we know there has been a swamp here.
I wonder how much hold the trees have here now the ground is so filled with water.

I'm also worrying how I can fit in everything that needs to be done, and if those new supervisors will be susceptible for the truth or not.

In the past I treated those black patches with some camouflage make up, but I hardly use make up and I don't think it can be used anymore, as one can't keep make-up forever. Hygiene is as important as camouflage in this case.

So all I can do is try and enjoy my day, and certainly try to enjoy the appointment we have this afternoon.
I hope I'll sleep well next night and get rid of those nasty black patches.


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