Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Continuing Story: toes and meeting

Today we had a meeting at the daycare for our autistic son.

He was very nervous about it and it wasn't fun to deal with him.
He cares about how other people think about him, but only when it's too late.

He had ingrown toenails and couldn't attend.
I had the idea he used it as an excuse not to go and the way he behaved today made it clear I'd been right.
He was afraid he would be told he'd loose his disability benefit. He forgot that the people who deal with him know people like him.

I had to tell him I'd cancell and he would be nervous much longer that way, then he gave in and went with us.

The meeting was very positive.
They told him that the times he'd been there he had made a good impression.
And thye valued his calls and mails to tell them he couldn't come. (So I did well to motivate him to do so.)

We agreed he'll only call now when he's ready to go there. That'll be about one or two weeks from now, as he's going to get surgical treatment of one of the toes.

They're very kind there, so I hope all will be well.


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