Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Continuing Story: podotherapist

My son has the worst toes you can imagine.
Deep embedded nails with the toes almost folding 10% over them.

So when he developed ingrown toenails after he had to cut his nails very short after bumping his toes against something firm we weren't surprised.

As he had to get new soles we were at the podotherapist.
A very nice guy who knows how to deal with my son so well that I would trust him with his life.
He treated the toenails, but had to hand it over to his boss because he's going to study again.

Today we went again and the boss tried very hard to be kind.
So very hard that it seemed to be artificial and fake.

Luckily my son was in a great mood and didn't mind. He didn't even mention it when we came home.

In fact he took it all quite well.
Maybe puberty is slowly leaving?

It's a pity his feet keep him from going to daycare/workexperience.


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