Monday, September 20, 2010

Compression stockings

One of the consequences of getting a bit older is dealing with some ailments and other problems which we certainly don't like.

I think I'm the lucky one, but the father of the children has to deal with quite some discomforts the past time.

A year ago he had knee surgery.
Apart from the days lost, as he felt it, because he couldn't go to work, he had to put on compression stockings every morning. That's not easy when your back is not very soupple.
He got a handy device to help him out, but still. It's extra time in the morning and it caused quite some discomfort, even though it must have helped against lymphedema very good.

Many people wear compression stockings. Far more than I thought.
So when he stopped wearing them, I washed them and put them aside in case someone needs them.


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