Saturday, September 18, 2010

The coat

We went to town today because on of the girls wanted a wintercoat.
I wasn't very motivated to go from one shop to another, but I valued the fact that she went in time this year, and not at a moment that the winter season is going on for quite a while already and the coats are far too expensive.

Most coats we saw were more autumn coats. Nice, but not warm enough for the strong winds that she catches when she's crossing the high bridge to school.

Then she went inside a shop that is far too warm for me. I don't like it there, because the high temperature makes the plastics smell ugly.

Instead I went to one of the market shops and found a very nice coat.
Right colour, warm.
When she came to look she was rather hesitant to try it out, but she did.
That coat was made for her.

Big smile...wallet... you know the drill.

At home I had a look at all the labels.
Turned out the coat was from a good designer and had cost initially 200 euro's. Wow!
We sure didn't pay that!!


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