Friday, September 10, 2010

The bus and loud voices

Using the bus to go to town most of the time means listening to other people's conversations.
I try not to. I feel it's impolite to do so and I don't care to hear what other people have to say to other people. Unless they're talking to or with me.

But sometimes people have such a loud voice or are such verbal exhibitionists that one can't escape hearing what they spread into the air.

Sometimes it comes in handy.
I'm completely updated about the new nurses course at the academic hospital and updated on present views on research philosophy, thanks to the bus to the university.

Going back to town gave me an insight in the best eye cream for wrinkles and the traffic situation in front of one of the schools.

ofcourse I won't inform you about more private conversations. You know the ones on the phones when people are almost yelling because the bus makes too much noise for the speaker to be heard at the other end of the line.
It's always funny when they're not aware the bus stops, so they will go on yelling for a few more sentences before they realise they're placing themselves in the middle of the attention.

I bet you share these experiences with me.


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