Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Trying to take my mind of things I landed on a game called Social City.
It's on FB, a social network site.

The first levels are easy and one goes through them fast.
The next levels require some strategical thinking.

Buying a building with the coins of the game it's more worthwhile than buying land.
So like in real life one should make money work for you, instead of work for the money.
Buildings deliver levelpoint and gamecoins.
And one has factories which makes those coins and points too but not on a click. By making a clever choice to balance time and money one can make the factories work overnight and buy new buildings in the morning.

Apart from tudor houses and castle elements, there are family houses, office buildingsand even a steel building or twenty.
When one has plenty of friends one received and gives pieces of road and other elements that make your city looks real.

I like building a city, while networking and writing a text.

Multitasking can be fun.


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