Saturday, September 11, 2010

The best for my babies

When I expected my first child, my grandmother asked me about my ways of making the baby's bed.

As I wanted the best for my baby, I told her I wanted fresh linen with maybe some embroidery (which was in fashion then), folded in a very neat way over the other bedwear.
She smiled and said nothing.

When the baby was born I didn't have much money, so I had plain white sheets, folded so neat that the district nurse gave me compliments when I came for my baby's first check. That was quite something, I can tell you that.

My gram came to visit me and saw the baby sleeping so lovely, that she not only wanted pictures, but smiled again.
A week later she called to ask if a visitor was welcome. She wanted to bring me something.

That something was a nice pile with sheets, and a nice pile of pillow covers.
All embroidered in blue, as I had a boy.

Some were real matouk linens. The best there were and are in the world.

I've used the bedlinens for every child and I was careful with them in the laundry.
They're still beautiful and one of my girls has already asked if she's allowed to use them when she has a baby.
She's 14...

My grandmom is long gone. All I have from her is an old clock which doesn't work anymore, a watch which has found the same fate, and the bedlinens.

A still see her smile when I think about this.


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