Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Aww.. she's got those teachers again!

One of the girls had during two years the same classteachers. People who failed in so many ways, that the group didn't have as good a time as other groups.
Apart from that: one of them created the story that we're part of a sect, which we're not, and we're still troubled by that, because tales like that don't leave the earth very easy.
The other one told my daughter was a depressed, fearfull girls with no friends or social life at school at all. And he also said some ugly things about me, and he doesn't even know me! And he told it to child protection, who assumed he was right and even though there was no one else saying something bad about our girl, we were brought to court because they considered us bad parents.

Well, yesterday she heard she has the same teachers again. Not as class teachers though, but her first lesson in the new year was with the guy who said so many bad things about her.
I feel so sorry for her. I think she's very brave to stay calm and quiet, even though she has no choice.

We've filed our complaints and now we're trying to get the right people around the table.
Because matters were handled during the vacation the organisation proposed a meeting with the person who is under normal circumstances in charge, but who was on vacation when our case was dealt with. She's the one who is mainly responsable.
But...someone else took over during the vacation and we think it's that person we should talk with too. Because he allowed the team to go forward on the wrong path they were taking.
Which probably means he's going on vacation first... and then we'll have a meeting.
(Hmmm.... I would love to have a vacation too.)

Next wednesday we'll finally have a meeting at school again.
I'm not happy with the way school is following up on their agreements.
It was agreed upon that we'd meet the new classteachers before the schoolyear and it hasn't happened, even though I was early enough to enable to plan something.

What did they think? That it would blow over?

Well, it's raining and inside the house it's feeling like autumn.

Maybe time for the big change of clothes: unpacking the summer wardrobes.


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