Monday, September 20, 2010

Autism and the main post office

Going to the post office has always been very frightening to him.

In a way I can understand it.
It's huge!!

With so many desks it's impossible to plan ahead where to go.

Even people without autism have problems taking it all in.

There's no plan behind the way the furniture is put there. Unlike the old post office where everything has a fixed place and one desk was completely similar to the other one. Except for the smiles of the persons behind them.

I bet my son would have like the old post office.
It was rather dark, no mirrors or sudden patches of light. Just easy on the eyes.

People didn't talk a lot there. They walked calmly to where they wanted to be and almost whispered to each other.
Here kids are running around in the bright light, people speak loud, phones are ringing, etc etc.

Too many distractions for my son.
And I haven't even written about the posters, the floor and many more things that catch his attention and make him feel overwhelmed.

So when we'll visit there he won't be able to do what he came for.

So let's go to the neighbourhood office and teach him what to do there.


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