Friday, September 10, 2010

Arriving late at a young age creates a habit

In Belgium a new campaign has started to get all schoolchildren in time at school.

Reserach showed that young children often arrive at school late, because the parents consider playschool not a real school and think that a few minutes late won't matter.

But these few minutes are of importance.
Not only is the welcome of the teacher missed, which means a missed opportunity to bond and create trust and understanding, but arriving late becomes a habit.
These children will arrive late at school at later ages too and then they'll miss important information.

When my children were young they never had the chance to arrive late.
I brought them to school in time and I always stressed the importance of being in time.
The playschool they visited opened in a special way, by opening the door and enabling children to put their coats at their own special place. Those who were well in time would witness the teacher opening the curtain between the entrance and the classroom.
It was a small ceremony, and loved by all children, because at that age they love peekaboo.

The children who were in time, but a bit later would miss that. So my kids always wanted to be at school ahead of time.

When they were older and left without me I would start nagging when they were running late. So they gladly speeded up their actions and left.
The school taking notes of those who arrived late helped too. As did giving compliments to children who were always in time.

Nowadays I don´t have to put an effort in making them leave home in time.
The girls like the feeling to arrive in time and have some time to talk with their friends or having a last look at their homework.

And I myself?
I hate being late.
I like to catch my breath and feel comfortable when I arrive somewhere.


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