Sunday, September 26, 2010

Afternoon in the shopping centre

Today the shopping centre was open.
That's not happining often so we thought it would be nice to go there.
In the paper special events were announced and one of the leading singers of the country would be present, so that sounded like a huge event.

First impression was that it was very crowded. But most people were looking, not buying.

We had made a small list of things we really needed, so we went to a few shops and enjoyed the music.

The event which should have/had attracted to many people was not as impressive as we thought when reading the paper.

There were some make-up stands, and even make up shows on a podium, announced by a lady who certainly was not the famous singer, and when I saw her she certainly was not even her look-alike. I don't think she was using those good products she tried to sell, or maybe they just don't work. :)

I collect teaspoons and I saw very nice ones with letters for a nice prize.
Alas the guy who was supposed to seel them was completely caught up in a conversation. I could have taken the whole lot and he wouldn't even have realised.
We went upstairs to his shop and bought a spoon with the bridge of town. Never bought a spoon of my own town.
We kindly told her that the stand was rather unwatched. When we passed it later her mom was standing there. Smiling ans saying "thanks".

At home we had coffee and I had a closed look at the wintercoats.
The temperature will go down this week and the girls have to bicycle enough to get cold without a warm coat.


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