Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yahoo and suspensions

When I arrived at my yahoo email I got the message that my account was suspended.
That was strange as I had done nothing wrong, there were no strange outgoing messages detectable and I didn't receive anything strange.

Beside the message was a questionmark and it linked to a message and a button to chat with support.


I'm not in favor of chatting, but it seemed to be a good replacement for sending a mail and waiting forever.

After to and fro mailing I was told that accounts are watched and when the amount of traffic changes the account is suspended for 48 hours.

This is strange.

No outgoing messages, and my account is suspended?
Or the amount of mails from my emailgroups fluctuates and my account is suspended?
Someone bombs me with mails and my account is suspended?

Ofcourse i didn't get an answer when I said that the system should allow fluctuations during the vacation as some groups send almost no mail and other groups finally have the time to mail a lot.

So don't worry when you find the same message I did.
Just take two cups of coffee and a bag with cookies to have something to do while chatting to get the matter solved.


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