Friday, August 6, 2010

When human lightning strikes - Another meeting? No way!

As we weren't able to go to the meeting with Child Protection Services this week and they had agreed dates and times would be set in mutual agreement, we suggested a meeting for week 33.

It's vacation here, the girls had plans, but more important, their conceptfile was full of mistakes, assumptions and even even plain disagreements with us.

I said that it's not a burden to be an autism family.
With puberty in the past for all autistic boys we have had it.
But they bluntly state that they don't agree and I don't have enough time for the girls.

Like I said before, it's plain nonsense, as I'm at home and available from the moment they come home from school and the moment they leave for school.

They have blown up a story which is too large for us even to take in, and they want therapies which are complete overkill.

The only problem we had was with school, as those group teachers didn't handle the bullying in the group at all.
When finally, after several parents complained, the bullying was targetted and a few group meetings had taken place, the bullying was over.
The groupteachers were very mad and they lashed out to us.
They spoke bad about our daughters, especialy the girl who told them about bullying incidents, and the teacher even lashed out against me, saying things he can't even know as a teacher.

We've lost all confidence in Child Protection, as they lied several times to us.

They said that the first investigation would be corrected when we would send in our reaction, but that wasn't the case.
We had to discover that a few days ago, but Child Protection knew and so they lied.

They just copied the first report before we even had seen it.

We've heard that Child Protection doesn't correct anything at all, just adds what we write. None will read it.
So why discuss a report which won't be changed?

They wrote they would send the report to court next wednesday.

So we will be brought to court because some social workers are not able to see we're a normal, happy family.

I feel sick, and everybody is stressed.

The law makes mistakes.
I was told to trust the judge, that he'll see the truth and all will be well after all.

But people have been send to prison and only after 6, 8 and even more years the truth came out. The truth which had been in front of people all the time.

I'm writing a book about it.
It shows what the system does to people.
How one mistake grows into a huge problem by people who assume and let their phantasies have free reign.

I can't believe this all is happening in our lives.

I have helped many families with autism to get out of situations like these, and I can't help ourselves.

There must be some help outside... someone... please!!!


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