Sunday, August 29, 2010

weather and steel drums

Many events all through the country are cancelled.
I've just had a look at the radar and within half an hour we'll be in the middle of something very nasty.

So when the phone rang I assumed it was my autistic son and his dad telling me they were almost home.

Instead it was a friend telling me to listen.
He yelled "Yes" so loud that I almost took my earplugs, which I use when bagpiping.
Good I didn't.

A steelband started to play and it sounded so intensely tropical and rhythmic that I sat swinging in my chair.
He made me listen to the whole number and I didn't mind. :)
What a great gesture to cheer me up like that!

In the past he worked at a factory ofstainless steel drums.
Not the musical instruments, but the ones that are used for storage of chemicals, for instance. Huge ones which can contain 30 and even 50 gallons of hazardous materials.

He explained to me the way they are made, but also the high safety requirements so nothing happens when chemicals are transported. They even apply seals to drums, so nothing can enter the drum when it's transported to the new owner for use.
He was the one who told me that many wines are stored in stainless steel barrels and not in old wooden ones, as tourists are shown.

I was very impressed by all he told mem because these barrels are used for food, chemicals and also nuclear waste.

He worked a few years at the company, until he discovered to make a steel bucket sound like a steeldrum.
Then he realised a dream and started to develop his real talent and now he's one of the famous steel drum manyfacturers.

Yes... those were his steel drums he made me listen to.

Boy, am I proud of him!!!


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