Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This part is over

Well, this part of the drama is over.

I'm so tired that I won't describe the details.

I feel this is completely in the hands of the judge.
We were manipulated and intimidated by child protection, again.
Right before and even during the session.

I'm quite fed up with what they do with people and I've already written down part of it for the book.

Three of my boys have experienced that their computers were hacked the past days.
It happened here too.
So I have to safeguard the concept of the book.

We'll get the decision of the judge in about a week. Which is a week sooner than expected.

I don't know it that's good or bad.

I try to trust in a good outcome, but right now I see myself confronted with two.. yep, two guardians, and I don't like them. Their eyes don't smile when they pull their smile-muscles.

I bet they won't smile either when they pull the strings of me, the marionette....



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