Sunday, August 29, 2010

The shopwiki experience for girls and their moms.

Yesterday, when we were talking about what we still need to buy before school starts, we suddenly realised that we forgot to shop for new clothes.

As the girls have lots of plans to stay over with friends and do other things their agegroup does at the end of the summervacation, we probably won't find time anymore for a day in the citycentre. It's not a real problem though.

Internet has brought us access to new outfits from the comfort of our home, and Shopwiki UK has given us the perfect system to find the lowest prizes and the best places to buy.
And shopping at Shopwiki UK is fun, I can tell you that! You should read the text at the link I just gave, it's plain humor.

Sopme people feel that the shopping system of Shopwike needs some explanation. I don't think so. It's easy, straightforward, and the pages offer a good overview, but I'll explain anyway.

Go with me to the page for Shopwiki's casual clothes for girls.
You'll see everything a girl needs, including accessories and outwear, but also links to related subjects inside and outside the site.
Or, when she needs...I mean wants.. to be more dressed up go to the site for Shipwiki's dress clothing for girls.

Just click a subject and you'll find why I love to use Shopwiki UK to shop.

Shopping at Shopwiki doesn't mean access to paid sites only. Instead of the 1,000 shops other sites refer to because they limit their links to paid ones, Shopwiki uses nonpaid links too, which means acess to more than 30,000 sites, including those online boutiques your girl just loves.

Decided what to shop for? Skirts perhaps?

At the right you'll find filters for prize range, colour, stores and brands. When you don't use them the whole collection available will be in front of you. Otherwise you'll hop to your special choice within a moment. The site is fastloading, which is great.

When you want to shop other subjects, just click a link under the filters, or one under the main part of the page. You'll find links to the buyers guides too, so you can inform yourself.

When you want to shop a special item, you'll see a picture, a description, the topstores and the prizes, the prize range and a button to click to all shops who have the item on offer.
Take the link to the jersey skirts for example.
You can sort them by price and popularity, make your choice and go to the store to buy the item.

As simple as that.

Ofcourse my girls love to shop special outfits, but you can shop at for everything.
You can even suggest articles when you can't find something.

I love the fact that Shopwiki really provides access to the best prizes on internet, which saves a lot of money when your girls want new clothes.
My girls love it too, so the system is not only good for the wallet, it also offers what girls of today really want.


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