Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shoes making you happy

My daughters and I would love to have a pair of mbt shoes.

Masai Barefoot Technology Shoes are shoes with those rounded soles which make walking an interesting, almost creative event.
The multi layered sole challenges the muscles to work and thus it strengthens the muscles and joints in such a way that one walks straighter and better.

I myself like the MBT Women's Kaya Mary-Jane. It's a chocolate-coloured nubuck leather shoe that fits perfect under trousers and dresses. And I like the MBT Women's Tunisha Mary-Jane. It's in what they call grape leather. It's a light, somewhat reddish brown. A bit less sportive, but very, very nice. And they'll go perfect with my best trousers and outfits.

One of the girls is a pink colour lover and knew what she wanted right at the moment she saw MBT Women's M. Walk. They're pink!

The other girl likes MBT Women's Lami Mary-Jane best. It's a very modern shoe swith black suede, grey fabric and bright pink accents.

Many MBT shoes are on sale now. Shoes of over 200 dollars are now sold for 119 dollars. And the shipping is free.

Fur us, with our large family, these shoes are out of reach, but we won't mind some fairy changing us into MBT walkers. I'm sure with footwear like this we'll be happy people.
And you too!


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