Friday, August 27, 2010

Re- enactment

It's the time of all sorts of re-enactment events.

This weekend our town will be transformed into a medieval place and lots of people will walk the streets in medieval costumes.
Some friends of me will act as musicians of that era. That means that they'll put their highland bagpipes away and use simple bagpipes and other instruments that were in use in those times.

Even though I would have had fun taking part too, this year I had no time to make costumes. Maybe next year.

I hope we'll be able to go to the parade.

A few of our friends will be at another event wearing pirate costumes. They'll reenact some seamans' stories during a story telling event.

They've practiced a lot and I'm sure they'll convince children and maybe a parent or two that they are genuine men of the sea.

We joked that their costumes can be used at halloween too.
I would appreciate to see something else this year, not the usual ghosts.


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