Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One cardigan and puberty

Today we went to the shoppingcentre because one of the girls wanted a cardigan.

Knowing how she's looking for sportshoes I didn't see us arriving home with something.

But to our surprise she found something within 10 minutes.
A dull green one, looking like she had taken it out the back of the wardrobe of one of her brothers.

It was awful!

I know parents should praise their children for getting their own taste, but we also have to guard them for looking less than they are.

One of the female shopassistants took an interest in our daughter and agreed she should try something else.
My daughter first didn't want to, but strange eyes create wonders. She fitted a wonderful cardigan which made her look like a very handsome model. All she needed was a large belt, and she already has several of them.

It took just a few seconds to change her mind now she saw the difference between the green boyish plain look and the somewhat ladylike look of a young woman.

We went upstairs to the children's department to bring the green thing back and had a look there between the shirts for next autumn.
She hesitated at a shirt with very nice colours, so I suggested she should try it on.

I told her that I had the feeling she was right at the crossing between being still in the confortzone of being a schoolkid growing out of class 2, and a young woman moving into class 3. The way she dressed herself was very secure, but growing up also means taking the risks to try out a new identity.
And what is the risk of trying out a shirt?

She tried it out and when she showed her new look she looked a bit surprised and very happy.

Downstairs the shopassistant told her she'd made a very good choice.
"You're lucky with a mom who understands how to bring out your best characteristics", she said. "It's not easy to find a new look, but you have succeeded to find clothes which makes you look pretty and right in fashion. Wish we could have you in the shopwindow to show off how nice our clothes are."

My daughter left the shop radiating!

At home she dived in her wardrobe and took a lot of things out to put away forever.

I'm so happy!!


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