Thursday, August 5, 2010

Older friends

It's interesting to have older friends.
Not only are they great advicers regarding the upbringing of children, but they also provide information about the big changes in life.

Some of our group are living abroad and are right in the middle of assisting their last son to set up his own household.

Within a few weeks they'll have an empty house and already they have decided to move.
Like us they had a large family and their house is just too large for two people.
As much as it makes them melancholic to leave, they will.

In fact, they're leaving with another couple for a nice beach home they've aquired after their friends heard about Outer Banks foreclosures.
These houses are repossessed bank properties, most in need of some TLC in the form of cleaning, painting and pest control.
They had their houses checked and it turned out that not much needed to be done at the houses they wanted.

We've mailed a lot these past weeks about how they feel about leaving the house where their children grew up.
Like every change in life they have to adjust to the changes, but their children have more objections because they don't see the development in their parents, but see the loss of the place they're so familiar with.

Outcome of these mails was that they have asked a photographer to photograph the whole house and make a movie of the last day everyone is able to visit.

I think it's a great idea.


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