Thursday, August 5, 2010

The new mailman

Our regular mailman knows the doorbells here are not functioning well.
As we rent the house, which is very common here in the country, the doorbell is the responsibility of the house-owner. We're not supposed to fix it.

During the winter it's not a real problem as we can hear the doorbell rather well, but in summer we don't hear it when the windows are open or when we're in the back garden.

I would love to have one of those door chimes with an extension.

Dimango offers one online at the moment, with a large discount on the Plug-In Extend-A-Chime™ of 22 dollars!

Right now we solve the problem by sitting in the livingroom when we expect the mailman.
That way we can see him coming and open the door.

Dimango offers also discounts on home security items and a drive-away alarm.

I think I'll discuss that this evening with the boys. They have more technical knowledge than I have. I think however that the drive-away alarm is not only of use to prevent the car of being stolen or to signal people entering the drive-way. It's also a good way of guarding the bicycles.

But first I want a chime, so the new mailman doesn't feel the need to ring the doorbell like there's a fire burning.
Me oh my, I don't know what the guy thought the other day. he made such a noise!
And when I opened the door he looked like he'd seen a ghost. I guess he didn't expect one of us to answer his noise so fast.


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