Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New developments in office scanning

I've worked in the reproduction office of a large telephnoe and telegraph company.
Not recently, but a long, long time ago.

We were happy to have photocopiers at the office, because all documents needed to be duplicated and filed.

So save costs the small documents were copied by hand.

Due to the good music and conversation at the office I enjoyed the work a bit, but it was boring, time consuming and expensive for my boss.

The daughter of a friend told me she had almost the same job as I had.
But she works with the help of document scanning software.

That means that duplicating is a piece of cake, and in addition the documents are indexed, so filing is far more easy than in my time.
The indexing also provides a lot of extra information, so someone doesn't need to go through the archives to see if a special form has been filed, but he or she can just fill in the name or a code and can see which forms and papers are in the archives.

The whole system is cost-effective.
Price per page can be calculated, but the real costs are those of the software.
So that's a one time payment, regardless of how many pages are scanned.

The software can contain as many features as necessary and be made exactly for what's needed.
This ensures that at the office efficiency is the main issue and is guaranteed.

It's unbelievable that such an important development has been realised in such a few years.


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