Sunday, August 29, 2010

Message for our friends who plan to visit today


I know some of our friends wanted to visit us today, because we wanted to go to the Medieval Parade in town this afternoon.

The parade is cancelled because of the weather expectations.

Most costumes are the result of hard labour and great creativity and investment, and they're so precious they shouldn't be exposed to heavy rains and winds.

For this afternoon weather warnings have been issued for the hole country.
In this area lots of rain is expected, with thunder and lightning and serious windgusts.

The parade is cancelled, but there are activities in town.

The most expensive clothes will be shown in the main church. So people can get their praise for a year of hard work and dedication.

When the weather allows figures with less expensive clothes will walk through town, but not in a parade.

The other re-enactment activities are not cancelled yet and probably won't.
But right at the moment I write this it gets pitchblack here and I hear thunder.
The temperature is dropping from 15,3 degrees celcius.

Because I've got a call from Leo to tell me they won't come because of the weather warning and the expected storm in their area later this day, I thought it wise to give a choice to you all and see if we'd skip the whole event and plan something else when the weather is far better, or we'll go with just a few people.
I for myself don't mind skipping the event, so don't feel hesitant when you want to stay at home.
There are plenty of new opportunities.

For instance the celtic event in Wijhe at september 4th.
I would love to go, but not by train, as it takes more than 2 hours for us to get there. (Hint hint!!!)

When the weather improves dramatically we can also consider a day at the beach.

Contact me or Adrian. Preferably the last. :)
When we get 5 cancellations we'll cancell today. If that's OK with you.

So let us know.



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