Thursday, August 19, 2010

A memory

Because I needed to check something I went to the site of one of the schools of the boys.
The photos made me think of the open days of the school.
I went there too and when I had a look with one of the boys I found my old english teacher in one of the classrooms with a very familiar glass bowl with sweets.

I think he used that bowl his whole carreer, because he had it in use the very first open day I attended as one of the pupils.
I remember he asked a few questions in english and for every good answer I was allowed to take a sweet.
Because I had spend time in England it wasn't as difficult to answer these questions as it was for other young people my age. We didn't watch english programs on TV, because the BBC wasn't available in our country.
So I was one of the few to end up with 5 sweets.

When my son got the questions watching BBC1 and BBC2, english movies, and so on was something very normal.
When I said to my old teacher that the bowl would be empty soon, he smiled and opened his bag, showing a couple of packages with sweets." And yours were a lot bigger too.", he smiled.

The schooldays for my son are long over, mine are in the very far past.
My teacher?
I know he's still alive, but I'm not sure if he still lives in the same house.

Maybe I should go and have a look.


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