Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Massage table cart

With students finishing their studies and entering the job market interesting questions are asked.

A friend of us is physiotherapist and when I was visiting him for a cup of coffee and some updating about the children he got a call from one of those new physiotherapists.
She wanted to start a practice from which physiotherapists go to offices and other workenvironments to massage the workers on the job.

She told him that she bought a portable massage chair but also wanted to have a portable massage table.
It turned out she had bought a lightweight massage table but she couldn't lift it, nor carry it with her.

It's one of those interesting examples of decisions young workers take without thinking about the consequences first.

Luckily my friends knew a good solution: a massage table cart.
I didn't even know a think like that existed!
There are even adjustable ones to fit the different sizes of massage tables.
One can't use the normal luggage cards because they don't protect the massage table enough and they don't have the weight enough above the wheels, so the whole construction can fall and hurt people.

After talking a little bit with his new collegue my friend ended the conversation with a big smile.
"I guess I'll have a few more calls when she tells her fellow students I was able to help her.", he said.

Well, he's a very good advisor, so they'll be happy to get his advice.


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