Sunday, August 22, 2010

Life's mixed

A friend asked how life is today and all I could say was: "Life's mixed."

We're living towards wednesday and hope that finally justice will be done.
We're all tired of thinking, seeing reason, keeping our sense of self-esteem.
The new lawyer didn't make the impression he's the pitbull we want.

We don't have anything to take with us. No letters to state that we're OK, because either the people are not at home yet, or they don't want to be involved.
That's how people are: they don't want to be involved.

This morning a woman was at the door. She was the mother of one of the best friends of the girls. She didn't want us to take anything from her daughter with us, she didn't want us to mention the name of her daughter as a friend.
The way she dealt with the situation was awful and I didn't feel hurt for my girls, but also offended.
We're not criminals, we're just victims of a failing system.
We've always helped people wherever we could, not thinking about ourselves, but about the wellbeing of others.

I nearly shut the door in her face, I'm afraid.
She and her friend will have a good time gossiping about us.

The girls are staying with a friend tonight. Which makes my autistic son feel neglected. His behaviour is accordingly.
He started a new daycare-workexperience last week and he keeps complaining about pain in his feet and back. His way of telling us he doesn´t want to go a next time.
So on top of it all I have to navigate very carefully to make him go next thursday.

With all the paperwork that needs to be done just before the schools start it all is a lot.
There´s no friend to lean back on, because the best ones are still on vacation.
So I feel kind of lonely.

But maybe I´m just tired and in need of a good night´s sleep.


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