Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just one week to go

Just one week to go and so much things to do.

The lawyer we had decided to hand things over to a collegue so she can handle the big case, if that ever happens.

The case of next week will be done by a collegue.
I hope he's a pittbull, with a nice smile for us. Grrawlll!

I've tried to find a psychologist who can test my daughter to proof nothing is wrong with her, but until now none has enough time to get it done before wednesday.
There are just a few psychologists near enough who deal with that age.
So I think the judge has to accept the opinion of her therapist: nothing wrong.

The children start to feel nervous.
No wonder.
Being convicted to therapy when there's nothing to go in therapy for but the phantasy of some woman, and her two follow ups, is strange at the least.
I feel the same, as they want me to go in therapy too. Just because they say I diminish things. Yep... when nothing happened I can't say something happened. In other words: when they say something has happened, I tell them nothing has happened.

My son is supposed to start daycare/workexperience tomorrow.
He's very stressed and the whole situation doesn't help.

Their father is coming to terms with the fact that his knee will never be painless again.
On top of that he's got to find a surgeon to remove a growth on his finger. We assume it's benign. Until now I have no reason to believe it's malignant.

So we've got enouhg to deal with not to be bored.
I don't think it's healthy though to go through so much stress.

But one thing I can say: I really got to know the people around us.
Me oh my... I don't like most of their new pictures....

It also bothers me that I've helped so many people and that we're empty handed.
Considering the fact that tests for my daughter can be done by mail and that we just need a declaration that she's not behind in development in any area, I feel that anyone psychologist could have stepped in.

But I guess that's life.
I've given my bit, but now we need someting to return... it's not happening.
What a delusion.



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