Friday, August 20, 2010


We have the habit to review our insurances twice a year.
It's not necessary to do it twice under normal conditions, but with all the propesed changes due to the economic recession, it's better to know what we have and know what we want.

They say dental insurace will be stopped for young people.
I hope not, because we still have a few kids that need the insurance.
But it's good to know what's also provided in the normal health insurance.

Because here at home we're member of a group health plan of the insurance of the father of the children, and the two oldest boys have individual insurances, we're daling with different systems.

It's difficult to influence the choice for the group health plan, but I think the employer needs to be informed better about what he offers his employees.

The North Carolina health insurance is very well explained online, but the information we get here from our insurance is limited to almost nothing.

When I see how many options NCHealthPlans offers the feeling jumps on me that we need better information and a better insurance.

It's very motivating to compare insurances. It makes me want something better, look for it and bring this to the attention of those who should make the changes.


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