Thursday, August 19, 2010

Indoor antennas

One of the boys was trying to make me buy very expensive headphones and claimed that really, really nothing could surpass the quality of them.
He suddenly disappeared when he saw me looking at the site of The Source, a customer review and rating site.

My interest, however, was directed at the antenna reviews.
One of my friends is building a house and recently found out he can't get cable TV there and needs an antenna to get good reception.

As it's not allowed to have an outdoor antenna, he needs to buy an indoor TV antenna which enables him to get the most out of his equipment and which also provides more channels.

To escape from the constant adjustments some antenna's need he first thought that an
indoor HDTV omni-directional amplified flat antenna would meet his needs. The 360-degree reception provides everything, because it's flexible too. And, according to people who already use this antenna, the amplifier produces extremely low noise. Which is very good for them because their autistic son is highly sensitive for continuous noise.

After talking with one of the people who already lives there in the neighbourhood he tried to get a better insight in the signalquality of different products and studies the reviews of an TV/HDTV/FM Indoor Antenna. The conclusion was that this one provides less interference and lines, which makes watching TV less tiring.

His wife however said she didn't want recognisable antennas and suggested an Indoor HDTV flat omni-directional antenna. It could be incorporated in the design of the room, provide the necessary channels without showing every visitor an extra antenna was needed.

Well, from the design point of view that was a wise advice, but the quality of the signal perception is not meeting their demands at all, so they haven't decided yet.
I'm sure his wife wants to see her soaps, so she'll go for less design and more channels. I'm sure of that.
They could decide to get her TV it's own directional antenna, limited to receiving the channels she wants to watch, which are mainly analogue channels, and usea more advanced antenna to receive the HD channels too.

It's a pity they're not allowed to use an outdoor antenna. With the right tower and accessories reception is perfect, because one can find the best place and fix it firm.
There's enough heavy proof material available to make the antenna suitable for all weather conditions. And with good house brackets nothing can go wrong. Not even when birds use it as a resting place.

I think it's strange that such high standards for outdoor appearances of houses are set in remote areas, but it's good that The Source provides the information to make a good and informed choice for indoor antennas.


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