Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm talking ties here

"I'm talking ties here", my grandma used to say when a boy reached the age to use ties.

She took the chance to have a party as often she could and teaching a boy how to tie a tie she considered her job, not that of the parents.
She wasn't a real matriarch, she didn't want to plunge into every family event, but she sure wanted to have the tie knotted the way she wanted.

She could teach a young man everything about mens ties, including the most up to date fashion.

Ofcourse this rites of passage, first for her sons, later for her grandsons, were accompanied by a family gathering with applepie and coffee or tea and lemonade for the small ones. So we all could be witnesses.

Funny thing is that I learned to tie the ties too. Just by seeing it so often.
My best knot is a Prince Albert.
The long broad part of the tie is put twice around the small short part and then through the last loop.

Because my grandmom isn't alive anymore I've taken over this family tradition.
So I've taught my boys how to knot and what's in fashion. I also tried to teach them about colour choices, because often I see people wear ties that don't fit their outfit at all.

Like my gram I like solid colours best with a pattern which is woven into the fabric.

And you?


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