Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ill use of twitter

I don't believe everything I read on internet and I know that many bloggers have the same common sense.

Terrible things happen due to people who believe everything what they read.
Not only what's happening with our family life is an example, but something what happened on twitter too.

A glass repair service was fraudulently represented at twitter, and those behind that account twittered that the service would sue everyone who spoke out against them.

Ofcourse people rolled and fell over each other to be the first to twitter something nasty, enjoying themselves that the service would never be able to sue them all.
And you know, when people want to be nasty thei loose all dignity and dig up everything bad they can find or invent.
Phantasy has no limits.

Well, they have showed themselves what kind of people they are, because today it turned out that it was a complete set up and the service didn't even use twitter.

This is just one way of how companies are broken.

It's awful!


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