Sunday, August 29, 2010

I should do nothing, but...

According to plan my autistic son went away with his father on a day trip.

I was surprised they even went, because my son often has "plans", but when the time arrives he's not feeling like going at all.

So we use incentives to make him go anyway, because otherwise he wouldn't go out at all.

The only thing he really likes it computering, and I said that we would spend as much money on him as on the others, so he was allowed to buy a 10 euro game online.
He found one and so he went with his father today.

Instead of leaning back I went upstairs to clean his room.

Many autistic people dislike others to touch their stuff and they also dislike others to clean their room.
But at the end of the vacation it's really necessary.

Last week the girls helped him dust his cat-collection and put them at another place.

Today I did a lot of other things, like cleaning in and under his bed, on and under his desk, the closet, etc etc.

He had been pulling so much in his closet that the shelves came out. Right on my foot. I can deal with that, but it wasn't a joy at all.
because he doesn't know his own strength he has had a too firm grip on the door, I guess, because it was hanging on just one hinge, and not all three.

So beside me I have screwdrivers (flat and cross) to get the door fixed.

After that I have to put the shelves back in and sort the clothes.
That means, I hope to have the time to sort them all out.

I expect them back within the hour.
He'll be OK with his game, but not with the fact that I'm still busy at his room and he has to wait a few minutes to put his stuff aside.

I wish we could make him go to a weekendhouse. Just once a month at least.
Going away on a trip like this is more than enough for him.
He'll need at least a week to losen himself from the experience.

I'm not looking forward with people interfering with family life, as we might hear this week will be the verdict.
The girls and I don't mind at all, and maybe we'll even get some good out of it. But it'll interfere completely with his life and we'll need even more energy to deal with it.

Wish people would understand we have a balance now in which everyone feels OK.

Those people know a bit of theory and think they know it all, and they even have the power to enforce things on us.
That is not good.
They have no legal command over him, or over me to change him, but by changing the ways of our family, they'll cause a lot of trouble.

I'm not looking forward to that.

Oops... am I complaining? Or just worrying ahead of time?
I'd better have a go at that closet and get it fixed.
Noop, no man around the house, just me.
But we moms can do almost everything, including fixing stubborn closets.


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