Sunday, August 1, 2010

Houses and their identities

During the years houses get their own identity.

No, I'm not talking about flowers in the garden growing against the wall, curtains or the colour of the doors.
It's not about walldecoration, paintings and all the other things people put in houses to make it theirs.

I'm talking about the feelings houses create.

Yesterday I entered the Tibetan House in town. It's a shop, where wonderful items are sold so Tibetan children and old Tibetan people can be financially supported.
As soon as I passed the door, I felt like whispering.

When I came home I realised how different our house feels after living here for almost 25 years.
That was different all those years ago.
The house had nothing to tell, was made of stone and brick, with barely a history.
Now a family has spend there good and worse days, the house felt an earthquake, and as it has been built on an old swamp it has felt the wet and dry years very good too.

When we leave the tiles in the bathroom will be stripped, as will those elsewehere. The owner will use different (much cheaper) tiles up to the ceiling, will replace the bath and all the other sanitairy items, will make a different window at the attick, etc. etc.

But it won't change the feel of the house enough to erase all those years we've lived there.

People will enter the empty house, after we've moved, and say that it feels warm.
It has absorbed the love of our family and has become part of it.
It has it's own identity.


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